Friday, 1 January 2016

Another attempt

Attempts at perfection are the enemy of progress. I had a clear idea what I wanted to do with this blog, but frankly trying to make it perfect meant I rarely ended up publishing anything!

As part of some research work I've read about the CRAPL - an attempt to justify releasing half-baked code and ideas on the basis that it's far more useful for people to read something badly-written than to read nothing at all!

So I've binned off a fair bit of the blog, and will try to make a better effort to put stuff up here - on the basis that it'll not be quite what I intended, but more like a series of post-it notes with bits of information that hopefully you might find useful. I'm planning kit and race reviews, training ideas, and I have a keen interest in physiology so there'll probably be some geeked-out posts too.

I've become a member of Team Zoot Europe so there will probably be a fair bit of Zoot kit - I'm hopefully getting a pair of the new Makai shoes before too long to try out, amongst others. See you out there!

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