Thursday, 7 January 2016


As a former Boatie I have learned that the best part of being part of a team is the inevitable kit stash.

Being part of the GB Agegroup team has provided some truly wonderful stash, but unfortunately I am one of those killjoy athletes who thinks it's not right to race in GB kit in non-international races. Ed at Crosstrax takes kit very seriously, and the recent Castelli stuff is great, but sadly they're not a triathlon team despite my best efforts - we did briefly manage to get a Crosstrax trisuit made by Nimblewear - but mine certainly isn't great quality and has an unfortunate tendency to give me a rash!

So, being the parsimonious Yorkshireman that I am, I've spent rather too long training in Boat Race kit emblazoned with the logos of 'Aberdeen Asset Management' - who keen viewers might remember stopped sponsoring the race approximately 15 years ago.

It was with great joy, therefore, that I took delivery this morning of my first shipment of Zoot kit. Pictured is the 'Performance Tri Racesuit', the 'Spin Drift Softshell Jacket', the 'Liquid Core+ Tights', and the 'PCH 2-in-1 Run Shorts'.

Unfortunately I've been suffering with a cold all week and have restricted myself to 45 minutes of 'recovery pace', so proper reviews will have to wait - but I can already vouch for the arm length on the jacket which is a particular bugbear of mine (high ape-index!)

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