Tuesday, 5 January 2016

LePirate Belay Glasses

Seems a strange item to be reviewing on here, but I've finally solved a problem that's been plaguing me since the start of my heavy turbo use over the last few months.

The North of England has been essentially underwater for some time now and it's put the dampener on my riding outside; so I've retired to the garage with DVD box-sets for company. However, trying to watch these with a TV mounted fairly high up the wall (it's also used for long runs on the dreadmill) was causing neck strain - or more usually causing me to sit up for much of the session.

I looked into the prism glasses used for people who wish to read in bed without sitting up, hoping I could flip the prisms over or even wear them upside down - but then discovered the 'LePirate Belay Glasses'. They're designed for the guy at the bottom of a cliff watching all his mates having fun climbing, and they seem perfect for the job.

For US$20.50 (they seem to be more expensive now), I received (after several weeks) a pair of well-made glasses in a decent-quality case, with a nice little silk-type bag too. They stay on well during a sweaty turbo session and angle my gaze up by something like 45 degrees - well enough to comfortably view the TV up on the wall.

The only real downside is that sweat has a tendency to drip onto the prisms when riding aero, but a quick shake of the head seems to restore vision.

Well worth a look!


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